Apply now for the Inner Circle Mastermind for 2020

The Inner Circle Mastermind is a year long, high-level, small group experience for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making 2020 their biggest and best year yet. 

  • High-Level Business Strategy
  • Mindset Mastery
  • 11 Monthly Hot Seat Calls
  • 11 Monthly Mastermind Calls
  • Group Accountability
  • 2 In-Person Luxe Retreats

Do you want to 3x, 5x and possibly 10x your revenue in the next 12 months whilst keeping company with some of the most switched-on, inner driven individuals you'll ever meet?


Chances are, you've done the courses, you've had the coaching, you're surrounding yourself with other doers inside of awesome programs and networking groups but you may be recognising that you are DIFFERENT.  

You are not the same person you were a year ago or even 6 months ago. 

Your mindset is constantly developing. Your consciousness has elevated. You are consistently advancing in your business and it's becoming more and more important to you that your circle stays energised and cutting edge when it comes to strategy and action taking

You may even feel that you have outgrown some of the conversations and moved past barriers that are still keeping others stuck, whilst you charge ahead. Know the feeling?  

You may be that person that knows what they have to do, yet you just get “stuck” in your own thoughts and habits, resulting in all-talk-and-no-biz-action. You may have encountered that you are also sometimes way too close to your own business, failing to see blind spots and having a limited view of what is REALLY going on.  

These are clear signs that you are ready for a high level Mastermind.  

You are also ready for a high level mastermind if you get frustrated seeing others in your niche zooming past you (often with less experience) when you know you are worthy and capable of the same greatness (and even more!). Things like big, bold, exciting launches, webinars, events, landing speaking gigs, getting on top rated podcasts, growing your team, attending exciting retreats and mingling with inspirational individuals.  

It's time to give yourself permission to step into your role as visionary of your growing business.

Visionaries are the CEOs that drive the strategy in their business and demonstrate leadership in growing a team. They are stepping away from all the DIY and saying no to being the employee in their business.  

A visionary thrives knowing that they are not the smartest person in the room. They crave strategic, high level connection and contribute meaningfully to conversations with other visionaries.  

I've learnt so much in the past 4 years of running an online business. Along the way I've created multiple 6 figure courses and ebooks which saw us get to the position where Karl could leave his corporate career to join me in living our life (and business) by design together. Together we've launched several other offers and scaled a brand new online membership from 0 to $400K in annual revenue in under 12 months - without the burnout and without sacrificing our core values of family and travel.  

But this wouldn't have been possible if we chose to go it alone. We made the decision to invest in two high level masterminds ourselves so that we could accelerate from where we were to where we wanted to be in half the time (or more). This has meant that we are having a bigger impact than ever! 

We are also having more family time, couple time and self care time because having a business doesn't mean you don't get a break! Your business should fit around your life - not consume it. In fact, the LESS we do the MORE we make. This is what 'smart scaling' is about! 

Sound good?

Your invitation to join...

Facilitated by us, Tracy and Karl Harris, the Inner Circle is a 12 month experience designed to support the growth of your business, growth through personal and business development and your breakthrough year in business.  

It's for a select group of individuals who:

  • want to scale their course, membership or digital products in the next 12 months under the trusted leadership and guidance of two mentors and a close-knit group of committed entrepreneurs
  • want to fast track their success and experience $10K months and even $100K months in their business without sacrificing their life
  • want to be able to talk openly in a small, safe space about their business and form bonds with other quality entrepreneurs.  


What we stand for

We don't believe that you have to work 40 hour weeks or even 10 hour weeks in order to build a successful online business. How hard you work is not what determines success. Success is based on your habits, how you are thinking and what you are doing in the time that you have set to work on your growing business. We stand for guilt-free, stress-free businesses that allow you to create your life by design whilst helping others in the process.  

This Mastermind experience is the ultimate blend of strategy, good energy and fun.  

We help our Members scale their business, streamline their processes, step into their leadership and break through their ceiling to reach the next level of success. 

We help our members increase revenue and impact without “doing more” or sacrificing time or freedom for further growth. 

We help our members develop a greater sense of self awareness so they can truly celebrate who THEY are and use this to create a business that is in full alignment with who they are truly are.  




Here's how we'll get you there:

11 Monthly Hot Seat Calls

This is where we all meet and we, Tracy and Karl, will be able to challenge you and guide you in executing your next launch, creating your new offer and scaling for further success. It's in these calls that the biggest breakthroughs happen. Be prepared to experience exponential growth when you are in the hot seat and from witnesses your peers in the hot seat! Get insights into their business and backstage passes into their advanced strategies and launches!

2 Luxe In-Person Inner Circle Retreats

Be prepared to be spoiled, mind, body and soul, during these two 2.5 day luxe retreat experiences. We will gather for a half day experience on kick-off day that will include a fun group activity, followed by dinner together. The two remaining days will be dedicated to in person workshopping, leadership training, live hot seating, and mindset mastery. You'll get a backstage pass into what we are currently doing in our business (our current processes and launch secrets). You'll also get access to some incredible guest speakers that will have your jaw on the floor when they drop some serious gold! Tentative retreat months will be March & September 2020 OR May & November 2020

11 Monthly Mastermind Calls

These are led by members of Mastermind. They can be calls run by individual members who wish to lead and share something that is working in their business, teach or sharing their expertise. These calls may also take the form of peer to peer masterminding, where all members share what's been happening their business, share a helpful tool/ resource/ process and then ask a question of the group so that they can move forward in their business with confidence.

Inner Circle Facebook Group

This is where you'll have those brains trust conversations and share links and projects for feedback. It's where you can add more value to your Mastermind peers by sharing resources, initiating conversations that lead to growth, ask questions or seek clarity from your peers around areas of business that are causing you to get stuck.

11 Monthly Accountability Days

These are laser focused days designed to get you taking bold actions and making money moves in your business. All Members will be working on tasks that move the needle int heir business and you will be held accountable by us throughout the day to ensure that you aren't procrastinating.


Online Member's Only Portal

We want to make it easy for you to access previous Mastermind and Hot Seat Calls. You won't be scraping through your email inbox or scrolling the Facebook wall to find any replays because we will house it all for convenience inside of your private Inner Circle Mastermind Portal.

On the fence?

“You could wait to make your move ... or you can MAKE your move NOW. Tracy and Karl continually push me to break through my comfort zone and I’m all about making the necessary changes because if nothing changes.... nothing changes” 

- Liv Morgan, Mother of two and Owner of ‘By Liv’ (Earring Subscription Box)

In addition to this elite Mastermind experience you will also gain access to:

  • 12 months inside of the Social Method Society - a monthly Membership supporting female entrepreneurs in advancing their business with intentional and results focussed Instagram marketing (current price $690).
  • Hashtag Hustle - The self-paced audience building and engagement boosting course for business owners (current price $599).
  • Stand-Out Instagram Stories Course - The self-paced course that takes your from awkward Instagram Stories novice to PROFESSIONAL Instagram Stories BOSS (current price $599). 




Imagine it's NYE 2020 and you're looking back with your jaw on the floor saying, “Damn. I cannot believe I had such a transformative year. I achieved more than I thought was possible and it felt energising”. 


What you want IS possible and it doesn't have to be agonising or isolating.  

Start operating FROM YOUR VISION and apply for the Inner Circle Mastermind. Let's make 2020 exhilarating, enriching and life changing.  

Joining a Mastermind is an Enriching Life Experience


To support you in having your best year yet, you will have the opportunity to attend TWO fully facilitated, in person retreats. These Retreats are designed to bring you closer to your Mastermind peers and see you dive deep into the latest strategies for marketing and scaling your business. It's where we (Tracy and Karl) will share our own launch secrets and freshest learnings! The high-level secrets we don't share in our other programs. 

Taking place over 2.5 days (two nights), you'll experience transformation, strategy, advanced training, relaxation & restoration, amazing food and socialising!  

All sessions, guests, meals and experiences are included. All you need to pay for is your travel and accommodation.  

Our locations are yet to be confirmed but they will be on the east coast of Australia.  

Dates and locations will be communicated before Jan 2020. (We have tentatively marked March/September and May/November as our most likely months)  



“Being able to work on this business together has just made such a difference to our lives. More than I think you’ll ever realise! You have honestly changed our lives and we are both so incredibly grateful. I’m so so so happy that we were confident enough to just jump and go all in after the training in January. It was the biggest lightbulb moment knowing that our kiddies are the most important thing to us!” 

- Casey Patch, Little Lifelong Learners - Course Creator, Membership Site Owner, Ebooks and Digital Downloads


“I just had my 2020 teacher planner launch with over 1000 orders being processed in a single night!  

This is a really important milestone for me. Mum’s With Hustle changed my mindset about how I view my business, the goals I want to achieve, the customers I’m targeting, the experience I want them to have. What I want to achieve long term, as well as where I should be focusing my energy and attention. Not only has my mindset changed, but I’ve learned and applied so much from Tracy’s course that has lead me to a hugely successful planner launch and exponential growth.”  

- Jo Edgar, Mrs Edgar - Physical product, teacher planners and resources


"Tracy really has taught me everything I know today, and I am so grateful. I would not have been able to achieve what I have in a short time without her or Karl for that matter - they are the DREAM TEAM! One in a million.” 

- Jazze Jervis, The Calm Compound - Online community builder, membership site owner, speaker and wellness advocate

The Inner Circle IS FOR YOU if:

  • You are a course creator, founder of an online membership, digital product creator, service provider, author or industry expert/influencer (how long you've been in business is not important).
  • You have a core offer that you're ready to refine and scale for further success.
  • As you've grown you've come to really crave the safety and intimacy of a small group of high-level individuals and mentors.
  • You don't need to buy more courses. You need to start scaling.
  • You need the strategy pieces that have you have been missing... the pieces that have been seeing others in the industry overtake you and your ideal customers missing out on what you have to offer.
  • You are coachable, action orientated and you are generous with your time, energy and knowledge.
  • The success of the other members is important to you.
  • You understand that successful, balanced, thriving entrepreneurs spend time with other successful, balanced, thriving entrepreneurs!

This is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You don't have an established online business or core offer.
  • You aren't open and coachable.
  • You don't take full responsibility for your success and your actions.
  • You are judgemental of others, you lack empathy and you withhold valuable information and resources from others.
  • You complain, pass blame and you have a fixed mindset.


The mastermind will be only available to 20 people before October 18th:


Pay Refundable Deposit


Complete Application


Interview with Tracy & Karl


Welcome & Payment


Smash 2020 😜

One day... or DAY ONE. It's YOUR time!

All prices are in Australian Dollars including GST.

This mastermind is on an 'application only' basis. After submitting your application, you'll receive a link to pay your refundable $1,000 deposit followed by the application form. If your application is successful you'll receive a link to schedule a chat with us (Tracy and Karl), to work out whether we're a good fit for each other. If you're successful in gaining a spot, and you choose to accept, you'll be forwarded a payment link at that time.


Entry into the Inner Circle Mastermind under the facilitation of Tracy and Karl Harris also grants you access to:

  • Not one but TWO mentors - both Tracy and Karl have years of experience in sales, mindset mastery, online marketing, tech solutions, leadership, speaking, teaching, coaching, online launches, offer creation, event planning, people management and more! 
  • A tight-knit group of pre-qualified heart-centred entrepreneurs - your brainstrust, your ride-or-die homies, your entrepreneurial fam! 
  • Some of the world's leading experts and guest presenters 
  • Advanced online marketing methods 
  • Next-level community building, management and engagement strategies 
  • Opportunity to further advance your entrepreneurial mindset  
  • Insights into how we are building Mums With Hustle 
  • High level business strategy  
  • Cutting edge launch strategies for scaling your offers 
  • Leadership development and team management skills 
  • Your brains trust of Inner Circle peers (all vetted by us through our application and interview process) 
  • New connections, friendships and business opportunities  
  • New experiences and time for personal growth 
  • 11 Monthly Hot Seat Calls  
  • 11 Monthly Mastermind Calls  
  • 11 monthly Accountability Days  
  • 2 Luxe in-person Inner Circle Retreats (tentative placed March/Sep or May/November)
  • Inner Circle Facebook Group  
  • Online Member's Only Portal 


  • 12 months inside of the Social Method Society 
  • Hashtag Hustle Course 
  • Stand-Out Instagram Stories Course  


Interviews will take place on November 5th, 6th and 7th. 


Please note, you will be required to pay a $1,000 AUD refundable deposit upon submission of your application. This is strictly for those who are serious about joining the Inner Circle Mastermind. If you are unsuccessful in your application and/or interview you will receive a 100% refund of your deposit. Should your application be successful and you progress through the interview, you will be offered a seat inside of the Inner Circle Mastermind. 


If you have a question that we haven't answered below, please reach out to Lara at!

Do I have to be earning 6 figures?

Every business and every business owner is different. There are many factors that determine someone's readiness so we encourage you to apply. If you are successful, we will be in touch to move ahead to the interview stage with Tracy and Karl. All application deposits are fully refundable too, so don't short change yourself from this rare opportunity!

Can my partner join? 

Yes, but at full cost. They are treated as an individual member, and they will get full access to all inclusions and experiences. They will also be booked a seat for our in person experiences and accounted for when we bring in guest speakers.

Is it refundable or can I cancel? 

No. This is a year long commitment and cancellations/refunds disrupt the energy of the group. Once you accept your seat, we begin to make arrangements for you at our in person retreats and events. Seats in the ICM are extremely limited and as a result, others will unfortunately miss out. This is why we want to interview all of our potential members. Ensuring we are the right fit for one another is crucial. It is at this time that we encourage you to ask all of your questions.

Will I get access to recordings if I cannot attend live? 

Yes. All trainings will be made available inside of your ICM Portal. 

When are the Retreats?

Ok! These Retreats are going to blow your mind!!! We totally get that you don't want to miss out on them but Retreat dates are not locked in as yet. We can tell you the tentaive months though. It's pssible they will be March & September OR May and Novemember. They will be based on the east coast of Australia.  

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